Thursday, November 20, 2008

number one.

this could be good. this could be bad. i am officially a blogger. i just couldn't stand missing out on all the fun any longer...

so an update on me? i graduated from byu-idaho in april 2007, moved to utah played there for a year and half while i worked at my first job. then i decided, "hey i am ready for a change and a challenge" and i ended up here in seattle, washington, a place i love and close to family. that is pretty much what happened, it was kind of a crazy, last minute decision and i know it was the right one.

i love it here! the place, people, even the rain, i love it all. since i have moved i have been looking for a job. apparently, when you move you are supposed to find a job first? not sure how i got the order mixed up, i will be sure to remember that for next time. it also just so happens that the whole economic crisis decided to happen right when i moved to my new home. so i got the challenge i wanted and regardless of the fact that my car died, i work two part-time jobs, and i no longer can afford to go shopping on a weekly basis, i am happy. surprising huh?

so since i am on my computer quite a bit with all my job applications, i am sure i will have another posting up in the near future. more fun, pics, and partying in the emerald city coming soon.