Tuesday, June 2, 2009


it is official. i have a black eye. and it is pretty impressive.

every saturday a group of peeps play soccer. saturday soccer we call it. it is a whole lot of fun, even for me the dancer/singer/not a soccer player girl. and i have been making improvements too, gaining better ball control and getting more aggressive and such. this has been one of my favorite things of summer time here in Seattle thus far.

last week, i was running along, chasing after the ball like you do in soccer and when i was about 3 ft from the opposing side's goalie he booted the ball def aiming for the opposite side of the field, but unfortunately i didn't move quick enough and my face got in the way. the blow knocked me to the ground where i immediately crouched down in "bug" position holding my face... oh and i was BALLING! it hurt bad and not only that but the bump on my face was the size of the palm of my hand. not only did it hurt but i couldn't let people see me like this! i cried for a while until friends helped to pull me off the field, the whole time i was covering my face, trying to hide my hideous bump i could only imagine was horrific. of course the first thing "sara" would worry about is what i look like... as long as i look cute doing everything, even get nailed in the face with a soccer ball, i am happy.

so after icing it for a while and deciding i probably didn't have a concussion, i dried my tears and went back out in the game to play. it was a great day aside from the surprise hit, and emotional outbreak.

my eye started bruising the next day and i decided there was no way to cover it with makeup really so i have resorted to large sunglasses and my hair pulled over my left eye. i have been reassured by multiple sources that girls with injuries/battle scars from sports are hot... so i guess i should enjoy the attention i am getting from this? i am not convinced.

please be aware that the black that is conveniently lining my eye top and bottom is NOT makeup. neither is the pretty purple coloring underneath my eye or in the picture below, on my eyelid.

for the most part seattle is still treating me pretty well, don't you think?