Thursday, February 24, 2011

"This is my life."

I have survived the first week of my job. It has been fantastic but overwhelming. Lots to learn and the perfectionist in me was fighting to prove to be amazing the first day I walked through the door! But I know these things take time, things are already clicking. Every day I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity and excited to be a part of such a cool company.

So I have finally landed a great job... now maybe time to move on to the next step of my life? I think this little girls got it all figured out... "This is my life."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making It

I think I have finally made my way in the world... at least career-wise. I received a fantastic job offer and will begin my new job at Passport Unlimited as an Account Manager this Friday. I am ecstatic. So many things happened along the way that made me realize that it was a complete miracle and such a blessing!

A few months ago my roommate Robyn (who currently works at Passport), decided she would go back to school full-time to pursue a Masters in Teaching. She suggested I apply for her position and I agreed. Ever since she got the job I have thought, that is definitely something I would love to do. Event planning, occassional travel, account management, promoting a well-known corporate discount program... great things. After she helped me get my foot in the door and my first interview, I felt great about it. With this economy it has been difficult to even get an interview. Luckily they liked me enough to come back for another interview and then a final interview with a panel of 3 people. I was nervous and not sure that it would work out but prayed that whatever happened was meant to be. I haven't prepared for an interview so much. I studied, and asked Robyn questions, and practiced interview questions, and worked hard to prepare myself. It is great to have your hard work pay off and to feel like I am on my way to really beginning my career here in Seattle. I have enjoyed working downtown Seattle but my current position wasn't going anywhere... and not paying enough to support the wardrode I wish I had, so it was time for a change. I will be working on the Eastside about 10 minutes away from home, so no commute for me. What a blessing!

It has taken 2 1/2 years to get here but it was worth it. I am soooo grateful for this opportunity! Thank you Robyn, I owe you dinner... for a year!