Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well I'm back and thriving. The other blog is alive and well too at I really am doing very well and staying very busier than ever. Here is the breakdown.


I love my job. Over the last 7 months my position has morphed into something even more amazing and perfect for me than it was when it first fell into my lap. I plan and organize and travel and meet with important people and have a great time. I love that the company I work for really places relationships with people as top priority. Ever since I graduated I have always felt like one of my greatest strengths is relationships (not the romantic kind obviously) and that turned out to really help me in building my career. I also get to work with amazing people including the leaders of the company who I want to hug every time I see. I don't but that is how much I adore them. These people are great influences on me and make me want to be a better person and not just professionally. I'm inspired every day and I feel so blessed.


The rumors are true. I am attempting to expand my horizons and go back to school and not because I don't love my job because obviously I do (see above paragraph). The confidence I have gained in my current role has inspired me to further my education and pursue an MBA degree. I want one and I know this is something I need to be working towards. My hope is too get accepted into an awesome program here and complete the program while working full-time in my current role. Now I just have to get into school. This could take me another year but it will be quite an accomplishment and I'm pretty sure I am going to make it happen sooner or later. Getting my degree would open up lots of doors for me and would overall make me very happy. I'm doing this.


My work travel schedule is pretty awesome although I am making time for extra trips too. I have already been to San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Whistler, Park City this year. Within the next few months I have plans to go to Atlanta, Phoenix, Idaho, San Juan Islands. Hoping to add Vegas and New York by the end of the year as well. This is the year of the US trips. 2013 will bring in some international trips keeping my fingers crossed. If there is one thing I am good at, it is how to have fun. Thanks Dad for that life lesson.


I have a lot of this stuff for my family, friends, shopping, and men soccer players. I have been having a great last couple of months and am making time for only the people that deserve it. I am so blessed to have the people I do in my life and I hope I can bless their lives as much as they have blessed mine. Also, I should mention two important men in my life. New nephew who I adore and my one and only little brother who will be home from his mission in 3 months. He is all grown up. We are excited to have him home with his Mexican accent and all!


I crossfit now. It is pretty awesome. Pretty intense but I like intense. Turns out I am pretty freaking strong and am getting stronger. I have determined in my 26 years that we are all stronger than we think, and not just physically if you know what I mean. Other cool things coming up include that I will be learning to surf this year and plan to shred it up wake boarding all summer long.

Now this is forever long and I apologize if you actually read all the way through this. Life is so good and I couldn't be more blessed. Thanks for reading.


I own this. Yes it is animal print. Summer time is on it's way and I am now 100% ready. I plan to improve my wake boarding skills, get my tan on, and make the summer of 2012 a memorable one. This baby will help me achieve all of the above.

Now excuse me while I prep for my weekend of shredding.