Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tableau My Mind!

Over a year ago a very enthusiastic stats professor introduced me to Tableau Software. We were forced to learn the software at first but then I became a little obsessed with how awesome this stuff was...

I started following the company.
Reading their blog.
Politely stalking my friends who work there.
Celebrated silently when they went IPO.

I don't typically classify myself as a nerd but when I am knee deep in data and surrounded by creative options and lots of colors, I transform. Tableau makes boring data and spreadsheets come to life and MEAN something. There are all kinds of professional and personal applications, all you need is DATA. It's what it's all about. Real-world applications that I plan on trying out include...

Expenses and finances
Homework galore
Revenue and sales tracking
Resume building! (See below...)

And. That. Is. Cool.

So, I got carried away. So what? Here is my very first Tableau Public "viz" (viz = visualization) and it happens to be my Tableau-Style Resume. I should point out I have some prodding to get this done, and also help from online sources my "Tableau-Pro" friends. This is only the beginning...