Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've never been into politics but fashion yes. This blog post happens to involve both. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama and I happen to have something in common. We both have an eye for affordable fashion. Thanks to her example I have stumbled across  See her modeling the stylish yet decently priced dress below:

Ever since I moved to Seattle I have been exposed to all sorts of styles and fashions I never dreamed of in Eastern Washington or Idaho. I am in love with solid colors, mixing brown and black, and pieces you can wear several different ways. I have discovered a few Canadian brands that have European influence which I love, however these stores are usually pretty pricey. After finding asos I won't have to wait around for the sporadic sales! asos  is completely affordable. Here are several reasons why this is a great place to shop and why you should check it out:
  • Huge selection of international styles
  • Completely affordable - designer styles for a third of the cost
  • Sizing is specific - so no worrying about ordering the wrong size
  • They have petite sizes! Amazing for short people like me.
  • Shipping is always free, ANYWHERE in the world!
  • Men and women can shop here! - Pick up your bf a new t while you are buying that new dress!
  • Online shopping is perfect for those who are lazy aka don't like to shop
  • Why not buy unique and intriguing pieces that no one else has?
Check out the below screenshot of the overwhelming amount of fashion forward, affordable dresses... my heart almost stopped when I saw this page...

So far I have purchase one item from the site and have been VERY happy. It is safe to say I have found a new favorite place to shop. Trust me. Follow my lead, Mrs. Obama has got it figured out, well fashion anyway. is my latest  and greatest discovery. Now go buy yourself something pretty.