Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just got bangs...
I haven't had bangs since I was probably 8 years old so this was a big deal but I'm adjusting.

Next weekend... WHISTLER!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aub n' B Reunion

I had a great time with AubRee last weekend. It was short and sweet. I wish I could have been there longer and also that I had had better timing. Baby Grace got sick right before/as I arrived and so we needed to take care of her most of the weekend but it was fun seeing Aub in Mommy-Action mode. She is definitely a great mother and a loving wife to good ol' Royce. We also got to hit up Disneyland for a bit which was nice and all decorated for Christmas. Yay!

AubRee and I have been friends since the 6th grade. She moved into Moses Lake when we were in the 5th grade but I didn't really like her until the 6th grade. Haha little did I know we would be stuck with each other all through middle school, all through high school, and through most of college.

Aub and I grew up together. Went through awkward stages together. We had lots of fun times and lots of laughs. We made movies. We had lots of slumber parties. Passed lots of notes. Cried together. Studied together. Skipped class together. Ate lots of big pancakes and macaroni and cheese together. Traveled together. Shopped together. Graduated together. Danced together... alot. Practiced together. Celebrated together. Lived together. Cried together. Loved each other. Now that is what I call friendship...

I am so greatful for AubRee and for the example she is to me and for all that she has taught me. She has been a great friend and a big part of my life. She has done a LOT for me over the years and I can't seem to thank her enough for her patience, love, fun, and encouragement. She is a great blessing in my life and I love her like a sister and always will.

Heres to you Aub. Thanks again for the great weekend!

(These pics are mostly for us to reminisce but if you are bored these are "AubRee and Sara: The College Years" didn't have a digital camera until then, yes there are even a couple with her dashing husband!) (Aub - embrace these pictures, they represent years of friendship... and trust me I look just as bad haha.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Park City Weekend

This weekend I made my way down to Utah. I stayed with my dearest friend Laura, in Provo and we laughed the night away. The next day we enjoyed some delicious classic Utah food at Cafe Rio and dessert at the Sweet Tooth Fairy. I recommend the cake bites! They are to die for, trust me!

Then we drove over to Park City for the rest of the weekend. We had reservations at Marriott's Mountainside which is at the base of the Park City resort... even though there wasn't snow it was gorgeous and so fun to be in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people!  Speaking of which, Aaron came up later Saturday night too!

(Check out our hotel! This is from their site online but I just had to point out the rad pool/hot tubs. Waterfalls and everything! It was so fun.)

We did lots of catching up, shopping, swimming, relaxing, and exploring. Before taking off Sunday we visited the Olympic Park which was really cool. I am kind of in love with the Olympics and am so excited for the Winter 2010 Vancouver Olympics, FYI only 3 hours from me in Seattle!!! It was really cool to learn more about the 2002 SLC Olympic Games. Next time you are in Park City you should go check it out. Very cool AND inspiring.

Park City is pretty close to the top of my favorite places list and by far my favoirte place in Utah. The weekend was absolutely perfect.

Thank you Laura for being you. Thank you Lauren for partying with us. Thank you Aaron for puting up with 3 girls all weekend.

Thank you Park City. 
See you when the snow falls!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Latest

Heres an update on the new and exciting in my life...

1) I joined a DODGEBALL team: We are the "Matadors". On my 1 day I get off a week from Jillian Michaels (see previous post), I play dodgeball with some friends. So far I have only made it to 1 game but the "season" lasts through December. I'm not as bad as I thought I would be, I'm maybe even better than I was when I played on an intermural BYU-Idaho team.... maybe.

2) New Legs: I got myself a pair of denim leggings. They look like jeans but pysch! They are NOT and they are super sassy and work well with boots. And the best part is they are so comfy. Special shout out to Tanya for their discovery! These beauties will make their debut this weekend... which brings me to my next point...

3) Weekend Get-A-Way: I will be visiting Laura this weekend in Utah. We are heading over to stay on the mountain in Park City... my most favorite place in Utah. If only there would be enough snow for some early season riding... guess I will have to visit again later in the year.

4) Tribute to MJ: With a little talent, teaching, and tweaking and my dance team has mastered "Thriller", I have taught it to my ward (for FHE), and I am planning on "performing"/dancing it on Halloween. It is so fun! Yes this is a dream come true. If you are interested in learning the dance, you just let me know and I will be happy to teach it to you.

5) Trip to the Happiest Place on Earth: I get to go see AubRee & family in November. This will be a lot of fun considering this will be my first trip to see Aub's home in California AND we will be going to Disneyland, compliments of good ol' Walt himself. As a Disney employee (aka Radio Disney dance instructor) I get complimentary tickets every couple months which I've never used, so it should be sweet. I have 3 goals while I am there 1) party with Aub like its 2004 2) get some sun and get out of the seattle rain and 3) become great friends with Grace. I'm already counting down...

6) Oh Canada: I will be kicking off this years snowboarding season in WHISTLER come December. The trip will be with the same huge group of peeps as last year. I can't wait. These people are wonderful, the snow is great, the shopping is awesome... I can't say enough good things about this trip!  

And that just about sums it up... I am happy, healthy, and loving life more than ever. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

JM Rocks

I have really thought about this and I finally I decided to dedicate a post on this. Maybe even use my blogger audience as a contributing factor to reaching my goals... we will see.
Has anyone watched The Biggest Loser? Jillian Michaels is one of the trainers on NBC's The Biggest Loser. She is ripped, intense, and is known for being quite harsh in her training. In fact she is one of the world's best trainers. I didn't really watch the show until the end of last season but I soon realized how amazing it was. The people on that show are severely overweight/obese and this show gives them the training they need to not only makeover their bodies but their lives as well. It is inspiring.
There is a girl I work with who enrolled in Jillian's online program which includes workout routines, suggested meal planning, and all these weight loss trackers plus tons of other info. She has lost 20 lbs so far! I have tried lots of weird dieting and have always been active (dancing, snowboarding, running), and worked out but have never really tried a set workout program. So I decided why not!?
The program was free for the first week then only $4/week after that. I won't be posting any before and after photos but I have lost 2 lbs so far. A small victory but I feel it is a great start! I LOVE this program and it is super intense. Each workout consists of circuit training and your heart rate is up the entire time! I mean seriously these workouts are tough and with every pound you track as being lost the workout get more intense. The first week just about killed me. I could hardly even walk, now on my 3rd week I am a little less sore and can walk but you can tell that EVERY part of your body gets a work out, even to the point of exhaustion. It is crazy but I am loving it.
I'm not sure how many people actually read this but puting this out there and sharing it with ya'll will help me to stay motivated. I will be sure to be better about posting on here too...
In other news... my dance team is currently working on Thriller and I am loving it! Oh and I also joined a dodgeball team. We have had only 1 game so far but it is tons of fun. I'm sure you can only imagine.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Someday this will be my kid...

I had to post this video because I have a feeling my children will someday be a lot like this... well that is if they are anything like their mother...

Friday, July 24, 2009

The San Juan Islands

Headed to the San Juans for the 4th...
We "dinged" around...
Explored the islands...
Made some new friends...

Reenacted famous movie scenes...

Got some sun...

Documented our memories...

And even took a dip in the deep blue sea...

Turned out to be a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sounds of Summer

Summer brings more than just sunshine in Seattle... Seattle IS a city of music and LOTS of it. I am definitely in the right place. Ok so maybe Radio Disney music doesn't qualify as GREAT music but I had a great time. The perks never end really with coaching the dance team. I love it, I love the girls on the team, and I LOVE anything associated with the Disney brand.
So lets start with the Jo Bros... Yes I got to meet them AND had 4th row seats. It was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better, FREE concert. Jordin Sparks opened for them and the entire JoBro production was magnificent including levels, floating stages, spraying the audience with foam as part of the stage floats over the audience, rain on the audience, amazing lights, and talented boys in tight jeans... even over the thousands of high pitched screams, Joe, Nick, & Kevin were great, I was very impressed.

Above are some of my dancers excluding myself and Patti on the ends. Aren't they gorgeous girls? And they are great dancers too!

Above: More of the Radio Disney Seattle team.
Right: Jordin Sparks

Below: Joe Jonas

Next we have the Coldplay concert at the Gorge. My Seattle peeps made a weekend out of it and played in Moses Lake seeing all the sights, Inca, the lake, thats about it... It was pretty fun and the concert was good too. Sometimes I miss the dessert... only sometimes though.
Not sure why none of my pictures of the actual concert didn't turn out. Oh well.

Above: The Gorge & Tara, myself, & Monica
Below: Katie and I

Next we have David Archuleta and Demi Lovato. Mom joined Katie and I in Seattle. Thanks again to Radio Disney, Mom and I actually got to meet him. It was last minute but so awesome! When he walked around the corner he was so happy and nice! He even started singing a little song! Mom had to tell him that she voted for him hundreds of times when he was on American Idol. He was precious and surprisingly taller than me. His concert was fabulous too. I might attempt to load a video or two.

Demi Lovato was also great to see live but I DID feel a little too old to be at her concert. Oh well, I will just use the Disney employee thing as my excuse for now.

Apologies for my horrible blogging skills. The pictures are all a little off but hopefully they get the point across.