Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tableau My Mind!

Over a year ago a very enthusiastic stats professor introduced me to Tableau Software. We were forced to learn the software at first but then I became a little obsessed with how awesome this stuff was...

I started following the company.
Reading their blog.
Politely stalking my friends who work there.
Celebrated silently when they went IPO.

I don't typically classify myself as a nerd but when I am knee deep in data and surrounded by creative options and lots of colors, I transform. Tableau makes boring data and spreadsheets come to life and MEAN something. There are all kinds of professional and personal applications, all you need is DATA. It's what it's all about. Real-world applications that I plan on trying out include...

Expenses and finances
Homework galore
Revenue and sales tracking
Resume building! (See below...)

And. That. Is. Cool.

So, I got carried away. So what? Here is my very first Tableau Public "viz" (viz = visualization) and it happens to be my Tableau-Style Resume. I should point out I have some prodding to get this done, and also help from online sources my "Tableau-Pro" friends. This is only the beginning...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What I've learned in Grad School...

As the frequency of my blog posts suggests, I have been extremely busy with balancing my life including full-time work, full-time school, and an attempted social life. Life has been challenging but fulfilling at the same time over the last year. There have been several instances when I have a hard time remembering why exactly I chose this route with the accompanying schedule. Eventually it comes back to me and I don't regret my decision one bit. This is a very special time in my life and I know I am very blessed to be at this point.

Aside from the many subjects I have learned about in my first year as a MBA student, I have learned a lot about myself and a lot from my fellow classmates. Although I am not perfect at any of these things a few of the key life lessons I'm learning are listed below:

1) Time Management is key - study, group study, meals, "me" time, social time (only on weekends on a good week), sleep, more study time, networking, family... all of these things are important but also take time. Calendaring, planning, and self-discipline especially help with conquering this one.

2) Energy Management is even more important - I have to pick what activities are worth the energy expenditure. Sounds pretty sad but ever so true especially for a girl who requires 8 hours of sleep to be a nice person.

3) Roommates are good to have - Stressed Sara isn't a pretty sight but my roommates are really great to provide me with patience, love and kindness, even dinner sometimes. Without these girls I would have no social life which is important for me being a social butterfly in my glory days (pre grad-school). Really grateful for the girls I've lived with on my grad school journey.

4) Service makes things easier especially when you have no time to do it - That statement doesn't make sense until you actually live it. Service never comes at a convenient time usually but it is true what they say, you are blessed when you are reaching out and trying to help others. I attribute a lot of my success in surviving school for service efforts. It is amazing how stepping out of your world and into another's makes you do and feel so much better. This is a concept I have to remind myself of every couple of weeks, I need to remember it more often.

5) All things are possible with some help from above - There have been tests and projects that I have looked at not knowing how I would ever finish them and come out on top. But then a miracle happens and I am so grateful for the help received.

Though grad school seems to consume my mind and time lately, I still fit in the following:
  1. Getting a new job - I  am now a Marketing Manager and learning a whole lot there too. This new job is giving me a whole lot to apply to my grad program and vice-versa. Another great and guided decision.
  2. Family time - San Juan Islands trip(s), new nephew coming soon, upcoming Carribean Cruise
  3. CrossFit - still doing it although not as frequently as my pants size wish
  4. Making big plans for the future post-grad school... More on this later.
In conclusion, my obsession for this particular post is probably life balance in general. One more year and hopefully I will have it mastered just in time to move on to a new chapter.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heartthrob, new watch & Grad School

The latest obsession worth mentioning is Tegan & Sara's latest album Heartthrob. I saw them live a few months ago and got to hear all of this life changing music only to never listen to it again because it was unreleased... until today! Reasons why you should GET IT TOO or at least Spotify it...

1) They are twin sisters, family oriented. Wholesome.
2) They have evolved from their punk rock/indie roots. Canadians got talent.
3) "Now I'm All Messed Up" (#9). Wow.
4) Quote from coworker now in love with the Heartthrob "Great Friday music!"
5) Deluxe album version only includes " Guilty as Charged". Replay.

You can listen to the full album (excluding Deluxe songs) here. You're welcome.

Also, I am officially a MBA student at UW. So I decided I needed a watch. It's from Anthropologie and is not set for the correct time. It's ok, it's just for show anyway.

In other news, I was able to visit a bestie in Atlanta over the summer. We conquered the Muddy Buddy 5K. Best day ever. Loved ATL. Also, learned how to surf in Mexico. Can't even say enough good things about that trip. Life is really busy and good and busy again.

This weekend I'm off to see another bestie in... New York City! More pictures to come.