Sunday, January 8, 2012

i blogged.

Read on and follow the new one. Pretty sure I will soon be deactivating this baby.


Latest obsession: SNOW. I can't get enough of it. It's all I think about.

Mission Ridge - Washington

I discovered something in 2011. That my perception of myself as the dancer/singer I am, actually has some real athletic abilities. Snowboarding included. With this new found confidence and after an embarrassing number of years of practice, I can finally keep up with my snowboarding friends, who really know how to snowboard. I haven't had any tears, somersaults, or ski patrol rescues for at least 4 years now :) I think it is safe to say I am a real life snowboarder!

With my new found realization that I CAN do athetlic things, I have been so anxious to be on the mountain as much as possible. It is quite addicting. Today the plan was to go up with a few friends to a local mountain near Seattle. Somehow everyone bailed, I guess no one loves it as much as I do? So I headed up by myself. First time going alone and I must say it was sweet! I had so much fun I forgot to eat and was totally wasted by the end of the day. I had great weather and decent snow (for Washington). I will definitely be back soon.

Backside of Stevens


I highly recommend snowboarding...although if you are a new comer you have to go more than once to enjoy it. BUT believe me. It is so incredibly worth it. See below for the top 5 reasons why I love snowboarding.

1. The fresh air, the gorgeous scenery, the opportunity to explore some of God's greatest creations, duh!
2. Snowboard dudes are usually athetlic, chill, and sometimes greasey looking. All things I typically look for in a guy. Plus, the whole "mountain" crowd is pretty friendly and happy.
3. Shaun White is a snowboarder and I met him once. We had quite the encounter. Ask me about it sometime.
4. Snowboarding is fabulous exercise.
5. I now have "sunshine" colored snowboard pants. Yeah check it.

The pictures are from a few of my boarding explorations this year. I had a feeling this season is going to be a good one and it is just getting started. Oh and the last picture is from a recent trip to Whistler. I included it mostly because Justin is in it and I needed a pretty face for my blog. Also, notice the new TNA hoodie. I love Canada.

Olympic luge track at Whistler - BC