Friday, July 24, 2009

The San Juan Islands

Headed to the San Juans for the 4th...
We "dinged" around...
Explored the islands...
Made some new friends...

Reenacted famous movie scenes...

Got some sun...

Documented our memories...

And even took a dip in the deep blue sea...

Turned out to be a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sounds of Summer

Summer brings more than just sunshine in Seattle... Seattle IS a city of music and LOTS of it. I am definitely in the right place. Ok so maybe Radio Disney music doesn't qualify as GREAT music but I had a great time. The perks never end really with coaching the dance team. I love it, I love the girls on the team, and I LOVE anything associated with the Disney brand.
So lets start with the Jo Bros... Yes I got to meet them AND had 4th row seats. It was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better, FREE concert. Jordin Sparks opened for them and the entire JoBro production was magnificent including levels, floating stages, spraying the audience with foam as part of the stage floats over the audience, rain on the audience, amazing lights, and talented boys in tight jeans... even over the thousands of high pitched screams, Joe, Nick, & Kevin were great, I was very impressed.

Above are some of my dancers excluding myself and Patti on the ends. Aren't they gorgeous girls? And they are great dancers too!

Above: More of the Radio Disney Seattle team.
Right: Jordin Sparks

Below: Joe Jonas

Next we have the Coldplay concert at the Gorge. My Seattle peeps made a weekend out of it and played in Moses Lake seeing all the sights, Inca, the lake, thats about it... It was pretty fun and the concert was good too. Sometimes I miss the dessert... only sometimes though.
Not sure why none of my pictures of the actual concert didn't turn out. Oh well.

Above: The Gorge & Tara, myself, & Monica
Below: Katie and I

Next we have David Archuleta and Demi Lovato. Mom joined Katie and I in Seattle. Thanks again to Radio Disney, Mom and I actually got to meet him. It was last minute but so awesome! When he walked around the corner he was so happy and nice! He even started singing a little song! Mom had to tell him that she voted for him hundreds of times when he was on American Idol. He was precious and surprisingly taller than me. His concert was fabulous too. I might attempt to load a video or two.

Demi Lovato was also great to see live but I DID feel a little too old to be at her concert. Oh well, I will just use the Disney employee thing as my excuse for now.

Apologies for my horrible blogging skills. The pictures are all a little off but hopefully they get the point across.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer & Friends

Summer is flying by WAY too fast.
It is completely unacceptable.
At least I am loving every minute of it... we all know the rain will come back soon enough.
Here are a few pics of a few special friends that come up to visit me during this beautiful summer in the Emerald city.

Dearest Tyson and I.

Ashley and I. So excited to be reunited.

Joe, Nick, & Kevin AKA The Jonas Brothers. Complments of Radio Disney.

Much more to come... Summer is only half way through!