Monday, January 24, 2011


Out with the old and in with the new. 2010 was good to me and even though I prefer even numbers, I am willing to give 2011 the benefit of the doubt.

The holidays consisted of lots of food and family. I have to say I didn't necessarily enjoy being the only kid at home for Christmas, how do you single child people do it? The presents from Santa did help though. I also took a trip to Idaho right after Christmas and spent some quality time with the niece and nephew AND getting stuck snowmobiling. It was really awesome. Thanks to Scotty and the Mallard family to treating me to a winter paradise! Also shout out to Dad for taking me to the airport when I have flight issues, never flying Delta again.

New year means new goals. I have big plans for this year including completing my second and third triathlons. Training will actually start next month. I am currently obsessing over hot yoga again. A healthy obsession yes? I also look forward to turning 25, making more money, and passing the dreaded GRE so at some point I can have the option to apply for grad school. Yeah that's right.

Also, check out Girls on the Run. It is a really cool organization that I started volunteering for a few months ago. They work with girls between the ages 3rd-5th graders and help them train for a 5K. It is a big deal! These girls learn all about confidence, teamwork, and pushing yourself to be your best. It is a great cause and I am loving being a part of it. Plus I get to use my mad event planning skills as a volunteer in organizing the festival portion of the event. Check them out here: If any of you are interested in becoming involved OR just running the race let me know.

In conclusion I will make a better effort to have more exciting things to blog about. Live strong.