Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special Visitor

Just wanted to post a few pics from my fantastic weekend. I had a very special visitor come see me this past weekend. Jerry and I met in Provo and have been friends for a while now. It was kind of a surprise trip he made up here and so I was even happier to have him, I love surprises! He graduates soon from aviation school and so naturally I am trying to convince him to move to Seattle. Aside from the fact that I live here, Seattle has a lot to offer... jobs, entertainment, city fun, shopping... you name it, we got it.

We went around Seattle hitting hot spots like the Space Needle, (at night and another trip during the day), Pike's Place, Seattle's Underground tour, ferry to Banbridge Island, shopping, and had much more fun! So besides the fact that I had a cute boy at my side all weekend, my favorite thing was the Underground Tour. It was amazing! Seattle has about 33 blocks of undergound sidewalks. The tour only covers about 3. It was eerie but interesting all at once. I don't want to give the whole story away because ALL of you should come visit me in Seattle and we will take the tour. The tour teaches you all about the dark, money-hungry history of the city, and it is just awesome!

Anyway, here are some more pics from our weekend. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ra-Ra Reunion

this last weekend laura came to visit! laura was my roommate in provo and i have known her for about a year. it was one of those friendships that when you meet you become instant friends. snowboarding also brought us even closer together : )

so when robyn and i moved from provo to seattle our roommates, lauren and laura moved in together. it worked nicely and they both came to visit this last weekend. it was so fun having laura hwere and showing her my new "seattle" world. we did a lot of sight seeing, shopping, and talking. there wasn't a dull moment all weekend! i had fun introducing her to the "city life" and to all my new friends. laura fit right in here in the seattle crowd and i am still trying to convince her to move up here... that would be a dream come true!

i just love laura and am so grateful to have such a great friend in my life. she is so fun, smart, outgoing, and i just adore her! thanks laura for visiting AND for being such a wonderful friend!

Lauren, Robyn, Laura, and I at the Seattle Aquarium.

Seattle skyline & Mt. Rainier

Us girls with the Justin, the BEST tour guide and prob one of Seattle's hottest dancers.

Ra- Ra Sisters!
(saRA and LauRA)

Welcome 2009...

i welcomed in the new year with my seattle friends. there was a ysa activity in puyallup, so we danced the night away and counted down to 2009... it is crazy when i think about how much my life has changed in the last few months. in fact every single person in my new years pictures are all new friends i have met in the last 3 months of living in seattle. i couldn't ask for better friends here. yeah i am may not have a job yet but i have friends! i love seattle, i love my friends. special shout outs to robyn my dear roommate that moved with me. she wasn't with us on new years but i am so grateful for her, she is the best and i don't think i tell her that enough.

katie and i
one of my most favorite people and new BFF up here
(katie- my blog so i get to post this pic because it IS cute of you)


Holiday Happiness

Christmas came and went way too fast. The Holiday fun was complete with the Burnett family Christmas Eve party at our house. As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate my family so much more. My sister's family was missed this year, it is always sad not having them but I am grateful we had them for Thanksgiving. The extended family is lots of fun. I've got quite a few shots from the holidays. Notice how gorgeous my cousins are! As for the Hyer side, Grandpa and Grandma Hyer have flown south for the winter. I am hoping with my living in Washington again I won't miss out on all the family festivities. It is interesting being back, being close to family. I feel so settled and just where I want to and need to be. It is a wonderful feeling.

The short visit home was good aside from the fact that I ended up getting really sick Christmas Eve. I also had to head home to Seattle early because I had to work. I was real sad about not getting to see any of the friends that were in town for the holidays. You know who you are, and I love you dearly. Serious bummer but it was a lot of fun being with family at least.

Mom and I

Grandpa & Gramma Burnett

This is a precious shot... Andrew and Michael

Erika, Lauren, and I