Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I used to dance. Dancing was a huge part of my life growing up and then after dancing my first year of college I quit. I wanted a break and was getting busier with school so I stopped. I have missed it so much! Recently I have been working with Radio Disney here in Seattle, helping with events and promotions and they actually have a Radio Disney dance team. The dance team consists of 6 girls all about 14-16. So I suddenly became their "coach". I choreographed a dance to Miley Cyrus' version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and taught it to them this last weekend. It was awesome and I had so much fun, teaching, dancing, and working with the girls. I just love it.

I have also been attending some local dance studios doing some jazz, modern, and hip hop for fun. Things are coming back to me. Although, my leaps aren't as high as they used to be, I don't think dancing is something you can ever entirely lose plus, I still have my flexibility and it just feels "right" to be dancing again. It is just for fun but it makes me soooo happy. So Thanks Mom for all those dance lessons growing up!

Also, I have to explain my inspiration to start dancing again... I would say it was a combo of the Radio Disney Dance Team opportunity and a performance by Today's Generation about a week or so ago. I was in Moses Lake to sing the National Anthem at a Big Bend game (video below), and Today's Generation was performing at half time. As usual it was a fantastic, creative, and a really fun production number. It brought back so many memories. And then I spotted little Megan Roylance, not so little anymore, stealing away the show, she is such a fantastic little dancer! It was so weird, I actually cried, well I guess for those of you who really know me, maybe its not so weird I cried. I just realized I had missed dancing for so long and plus I have just missed so many people in Moses Lake, dance and the people there played a huge role in my life growing up too. So special thanks to all my past dance teachers Tina, Claudia, Lori, Peggy, Janet, Myca, Kacey, and also to all the other wonderful people in Moses Lake I consider family. I love you all.

So dancing is for fun, it makes me happy but I won't be performing anytime soon... but singing is another story. I love to sing! This is the clip that probably most of you have seen on my Facebook. Growing up I really focused on dancing but over the past few years I have really developed my voice. I have taken voice lessons, performed at various church activities, YES tried out for American Idol, and even participated in a few competitions. This is also something that I LOVE to do that makes me very happy. Especially now while I am still looking for a full time job, it has been fun to work on and develop my talents while I'm waiting. Dancing and singing... these are my passions.