Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 and Alive.

My 25th Birthday was a few weeks ago. It was a fantastic. My friends Tara and Monica did all the planning and my roommates Robyn, Katie, and Katie all helped with the delicious food. The theme was a surprise  to me but I LOVED it. It was a "White" party, Diddy style. It ended up being a Mormon version of Diddy's famous White party he throws every year. The decorations were amazing and we had these fancy waffles I love and homemade oreos too. Thanks to my wonderful friends I felt loved, just as an b-day girl should feel on her special day.


My new job is fabulous. Thanks again Robyn! I am soooo happy to be working at Passport. I love that I am working for a successful and exciting company where I get to work with great people! I love that I get to travel and meet with clients and plan, plan plan! I have some fun events coming up for work where I will get to travel to Arizona and New Mexico. I hear there isn't much to do in New Mexico but I don't care, I am just excited to get to go somewhere!

Also, speaking of Robyn. She got married! I was happy to be one of her bridesmaids. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and it was a really fun day! I am sad to lose her as a roommate, she has been awesome. I am so grateful for our friendship. It really hit me hard when I realized I would be losing her as a roommate. We have been through a lot together the last 2 1/2 years of living together but I know she is ready to be married and I am so happy for her. Luckily she will still live close so I will get to see her occasionally :)

I also got a new calling in my ward keeping me busy. I plan all the FHE activities, which is a lot of fun. I am also volunteering for another Girls on the Run 5K event which will be coming up in May. And finally triathlon training begins THIS week. I get a free gym membership through my work, which includes pool access so I am anxious to start using that too.

Life has been so busy the last month. So many changes and adjustments. It has been difficult for sure but change is good. Our trials are given to us to strengthen us. Changes and trials in our lives are opportunities for growth. I def keep reminding myself I will never be given a trial I cannot handle. I get a little bit stronger every day! And every time I do a Jillian Michael's workout vid she reminds me that "You are stronger than you think you are." Yes I'm still a huge JM fan haha. I have been so blessed and am so grateful for all the exciting things going on in my life... plus Spring has arrived in Seattle :) I love it here.