Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oh canada...

this last weekend was THE whistler trip...

robyn and i rode with our dearest neighbors and friends, mike and brett. it was a party! i can't think of who else we would have rather drove with... other than justin egge maybe haha. anyway,

winter is off to a slow start, so we only had enough snow for one day. the boarding was alright, my ankle is still messed up from last season... (i have a torn legament in my right ankle). this made it frustrating but i am determined to make it work, i am NOT getting surgery. i was cool with taking it easy, enjoying my new boarding mix, and enjoying the scenery. we happened to be at the resort on the opening day for the brand new Peak-to-Peak gondola lift. this lift is awesome, traveling from the top of Blackcomb to Whistler in 11 minutes. the view is gorgeous, even when you are at the highest part of 1500 ft from the air. amazing.

after the first day of snowboarding we went out to dinner and then to a club. of course all us girls got all prettied up and for me that ALWAYS includes a pair of pumps... i am 5'2 seriously it is a necessity. so since pumps and ice just don't mix i was escorted by the men to and from anywhere whenever i wore these shoes. not bad eh? yeah except when we got out of the club the bus system wasn't running anymore and it was either walk back to the condo or wait in the freezing cold weather for a cab. all the girls with pumps chose the cab. i think we all retired our heels at that point for the remainder of the trip.

the next day we enjoyed some shopping, a movie, more hot tubbing, and some games later that night. the village at whistler is a lot of fun. since it wasn't the best snow we plan to return again this season so we can do some real boarding. yay! i have to mention that we had a great group of peeps on this trip. we were in an awesome place but mostly it was great to be with good, fun people. i love that feeling. now here are a few highlights.

things to remember...

1) mike, brett, robyn, and i being stopped at the border

2) brad pitt's look alike was on the trip

3) ALWAYS be the middle person when theres 5 people per bed

4) "Womanizer" is a great theme song

5) i lose every water fight i ever start

6) never wear pumps in the mountains

7) never wear a purple bandana

8) TNA is my new favorite store

9) kham makes great breakfest

10) "single ladies" is best performed in the middle of a crowded dance floor

11) never be afraid to wear a bikini

12) never go on a trip without walkie-talkies

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

family fiesta

this thanksgiving was probably one of my favorites of all time. my family really loves each other, i mean really loves each other. we did everything together! for those of you who know the set up of my house, my room is now the computer room which means everyone seems to gather there, pretty awesome, no quiet time for anyone when we all come home. the only time i was ever alone was when i was in the bathroom and even then there was usually someone yelling for me or a little kid outside the door asking when i would be done. man, i miss them all already. good thing christmas is just around the corner.

oh yeah, we started a new tradition the last few years all of us cousins go ice skating the day after thanksgiving. i love it and it is always fun going with a huge group of little kids, most of which are pretty shaky on skates. the funny thing is for the past 3 years we have gone, the Hudarites are there too. for those of you who know who these people are just imagine them on skates. funny huh? i didn't know they were even allowed to skate. so pretty awesome that we get to share our family tradition with them every year. i wish i had a picture of them, maybe next year we will get a group photo.

it was also good to see friends. brittany, kelly, and i had the reunion of a lifetime and went to shari's for a late night treat. you know exactly what i'm talking about if you have ever lived in mo' town. if only cassie would have been there... (sigh) unfortunately i don't have any pictures because i forgot my camera so you will have to use your imagination on how exciting that was.

i hope to have some more pics up soon. maybe even of seattle and the fun i am having here. i still love it and am still looking for a job. in a week or so i am heading up to canada with a huge group of people to do some snowboarding, hot tubbing, and clubbing... the 3 things i love most. yay!