Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aub n' B Reunion

I had a great time with AubRee last weekend. It was short and sweet. I wish I could have been there longer and also that I had had better timing. Baby Grace got sick right before/as I arrived and so we needed to take care of her most of the weekend but it was fun seeing Aub in Mommy-Action mode. She is definitely a great mother and a loving wife to good ol' Royce. We also got to hit up Disneyland for a bit which was nice and all decorated for Christmas. Yay!

AubRee and I have been friends since the 6th grade. She moved into Moses Lake when we were in the 5th grade but I didn't really like her until the 6th grade. Haha little did I know we would be stuck with each other all through middle school, all through high school, and through most of college.

Aub and I grew up together. Went through awkward stages together. We had lots of fun times and lots of laughs. We made movies. We had lots of slumber parties. Passed lots of notes. Cried together. Studied together. Skipped class together. Ate lots of big pancakes and macaroni and cheese together. Traveled together. Shopped together. Graduated together. Danced together... alot. Practiced together. Celebrated together. Lived together. Cried together. Loved each other. Now that is what I call friendship...

I am so greatful for AubRee and for the example she is to me and for all that she has taught me. She has been a great friend and a big part of my life. She has done a LOT for me over the years and I can't seem to thank her enough for her patience, love, fun, and encouragement. She is a great blessing in my life and I love her like a sister and always will.

Heres to you Aub. Thanks again for the great weekend!

(These pics are mostly for us to reminisce but if you are bored these are "AubRee and Sara: The College Years" didn't have a digital camera until then, yes there are even a couple with her dashing husband!) (Aub - embrace these pictures, they represent years of friendship... and trust me I look just as bad haha.)