Thursday, November 4, 2010


Happy LATE Halloween!

Halloween 2010 was rad. Costume #1 Foxy Cleopatra. Costume #2 biker chick.
It was a success and a lot of fun... and yes I know I look a lot like Snookie.

Quick family stuff update... Elder Hyer is doing very well in California, still waiting for his VISA but not wasting any time. He is serving his little missionary heart out, perfecting his Spanish, and learning to love beans. Gross. I am happy for him and soooo proud of him. He stays so positive and I'm really grateful for his example. Bless his heart.

Uncle Mark was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer and has began chemotherapy. Wow. It was scary at first but family is staying strong and we are all praying lots. Thank heavens we have such a strong and wonderful family, the older I get the more and more I appreciate each of my family members. Not many people have as strong as a bond with their extended family members as we do. I feel so blessed and also to be so close to so many of them. I love them all and am so excited for the upcoming holiday events... party at Aunt Nancy's!

I have learned some major life lessons lately...
  1. Life is more about helping others than ourselves.
  2. People disappoint you and no matter how bad it sucks for you, there isn't much you can do about it, the Christ like thing to do is to forgive, but you don't have to forget.
  3. Trials are given to us to learn patience and we become strengthened as we strive to be our best and grow closer to the Lord.

So on a lighter note, I have discovered Zumba. It is awesome! I have also been running my butt off, literally. Tri-training starts again in January, can't wait for that. Lots of great things coming up including trips to the north, south, east, and farther east.

Life is good. We are too blessed to be stressed.