Monday, May 9, 2011

Sun & Shine

I can't complain. The last few weeks have been pretty amazing. I have been training like crazy for my upcoming Triathlon. I swim. I run. I bike. I hot yoga it up. I was about to hit the burn-out stage but then I bought new shoes which changed everything. Funny how pretty feet can make such a difference. Soon this will be me... yeah the girl in the front!
ppliances, delivered right to your door.
After this first one in Moses, I plan to do another in Seattle and call it good for the summer. In the next couple weeks my 2nd 5K I have volunteered at for Girls on the Run is going down. It has been a real blessing volunteering for this organization... even when it feels like a second church calling, I really love it. The website is You can still sign up and run the race! Those girls amaze me. I wish I would have been inspired enough to run a race that young!

So spring still hates Seattle and hasn't arrived yet but I just happened to make a quick trip to New Mexico last week for work and I enjoyed some sunshine, Mexican food, and some other great things. I wish I could have stayed longer, I really miss the desert. Luckily, work is sending me back down there this week to Arizona. I have already penciled in some time by the pool.

Things are picking up, as they do during this time of year. Saturday soccer has started and so far no black eye but I'm not making any promises... I need to start working in our yard, I plan on spending as much time as possible outside this year with lots of BBQ's and bonfires. This is most likely the last summer in our super amazing house which makes me so sad. I have loooved living here. Also some more exciting news, Nic's baby is on it's way and I already have a trip planned to go down to see the new little guy as well as a brand new litter of baby bunnies. Yes I still want one!

One more thing... spoke to Elder Hyer last night. I love him. It really is such a blessing to have such a positive, happy brother out serving the Lord. Maybe he keeps the bad stuff from us but I'm real proud of him. He was robbed the other day and apparently was mad about it at one time but totally laughs it off now. He has a great Mexican accent and trouble speaking English already. I love it. I always remember people saying how much of a blessing it was for their family to have a missionary serving and I never knew what exactly that meant until now. It's kinda a big deal. Family is great and I'm lucky to have mine.

Life is so good. Here's to today.