Tuesday, July 20, 2010


4th of July was great this year! I ran a 5K at midnight in downtown Seattle to bring in the 4th with friends... it was late and all uphill but I survived! A year ago I never would have guessed I would be running races and finishing triathlons. It is a great feeling!

I also watched fireworks downtown Seattle with friends. It was pretty rad. Seattle puts on quite the show.

So summer has been horribly cold this year. It makes me so sad. I love the sun and the heat but I get neither in Seattle for 9 months out of the year so the 3 summer months come and go way too quickly. I still love it here and don't plan on going anywhere... at least for a couple more years.

Even though it isn't record breaking heat like last year it is still boating season! We took the yacht out for the first time a couple weeks ago. I love that thing and my Dad for taking me and my friends around all the time. We saw a seal, a porpoise, and did some shrimping, but no whales yet. I will be going out a couple more times this summer so I am keeping my fingers crossed! We will also get to go crabbing next time, yay! I like catching them more than eating them haha but it is still fun. The San Juans are so beautiful and there is nothing better than laying out on a boat while you cruise around in a gorgeous place with great people. I was made for the water.

And this last weekend Nichole and her family came to visit Western Washington. They played on the yacht during the week then came to hang out with me in the city for the weekend. I took the kids around to Seattle Center, the Experience Music Project, the Seattle Aquarium, Pike's Place, and the Gum Wall. The kids also got to see where Aunt Sara lives and works. I think it is safe to say they were quite impressed. I love my family.

Andrew was the only one missing from this trip, but he leaves in a few weeks for his mission anyway, so we will have to adjust to him being gone soon anyway. Hah. He leaves August 11th so it is getting close.

The next month and a half will be insane. My weekends will go a little something like this... Andrew is home from college party in ML, Laura comes to visit and we go yachting, Andrew's farewell, Emillie's wedding, some more yaching and camping and whales, John Mayer/Keith Urban concert, MAUI, possibly my 2nd triathlon (still deciding if I am up for it). This summer is going to be gone before I know it...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Once upon a time there were two girls. One southern gal from Atlanta and one farm girl from Washington. They were both energetic, happy, BYU-Idaho students. One beautiful summer the two girls became roommates. Little did they know that they know that that was the beginning of something wonderful...

The girls laughed and laughed and laughed.

The girls stayed up way too late, ate way too much cookie dough, skipped class together, played in the water way too much, stayed out past curfew together, caused mischieve together, went to church together, shared secrets, listened to music together, cried together, and even prayed together. The two girls had the best summer of their lives and somehow managed to pass all their classes!  

These two girls were best of friends even when Fall came. Then another wonderful thing happened, one of the girls fell in love and got engaged. The other cried tears of joy for her friend. And just when you thought the story ended there...

Both moved on and started to grow up but never apart. The girls still love each other very much. They still laugh and laugh and laugh, share secrets, and share stories about their separate lives plus they have some really great memories that neither one will ever forget! These girls know what friendship is all about. They got it right. 

And they both lived happily ever after!

This is dedicated to my friend Taylor. She is an amazing person and such a blessing in my life. When we were roommates she was there for me for fun, support and encouragment, a prayer, anything I needed! She is one of the most compassionate people I know. She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and has always been such a positive influence in my life. Taylor is talented in so many ways, she is such a great example and has such a strong testimony, she is creative, artistic, soooo fun, and a great wife AND mother! Even being a country apart, we still keep in touch and I just love her to death. I miss her tons and hope she knows just how special she is! Love you Tay!

(One last thing... OUR SONG)