Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pure Barre is Pure Genius

As a former dancer it has been a hard journey learning how to work out like normal people. I had to learn how to lift weights, use big machinery with lots of buttons, and how to wear shoes when exercising. It's been tough. I love working out and trying new things though, so when I discovered Pure Barre I was really intrigued because it is said to be inspired by ballet movements. Mostly I fell in love with the idea of regaining my long lost flexibility I used to have as a competitive dancer back in my "glory days". 

Check out Pure Barre at

 results in just 10 classes.
My triathlete training and hot yoga didn't prepare me for Pure Barre but I do feel right at home in the mirrored room and ballet bars. After the first class I was really sore and had a hard time sitting for a few days after. This week I have done back-to-back classes drinking lots of water, eating lots of protein, and taking baths if I'm sore. I am definitely sore enough to know it is working but sitting quite comfortably now. I was really surprised at just how hard it was with the small controlled movements over and over again. It completely exhausts your muscles. But hey " small and simple things things are great things brought to pass..." (Alma 37:6). Yeah my backside feels pretty great right now. 

I recommend the Bellevue studio for sure. Sami is my favorite instructor so far. It is just a coincidence that Pure Barre in the Seattle area happens to be one of my clients at work. By the way if you have a PRIME card you get a discount, which you will need cause it's spendy. But really can you put a price on being healthy and looking hot? I think not.

Next... Tahitian hula please. 

I love it. I want it. I have to have it.

Yes I am aware that the title of this blog post makes me sound nothing less of a complete brat. Really though, "I love it. I want it. I have to have it," is exactly what runs through my head when I discover something that has "it". "It" meaning awesome, amazing, beautiful, fun, and something I definitely want everyone else to love too.

I have a big heart and I love lots of things very easily. For some reason I get really excited and maybe slightly obsessed when I discover something that I adore. So this blog is all about my obsessions or 'sessions (per blog title). Yes my excitement might exceed that of the average person, and yes, my obsessions can fade as fast as they are discovered, but that is only because I find something new to be excited about! Trust me it is a great way to live. You should try it!

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the obsessive love I have for the little things in life. If it brings you a smile, tear of joy, laugh, or some sort of positive energy then mission accomplished.

Why blog?

So I must say that I believe I have failed at blogging. I think it might have to do with the fact that I don't have pictures of adorable children to post. Who knows. I am considering closing down this bad boy just because I don't want my blog to become a journal or get to deep on the 5 people that read it. I definitely don't think my life is boring, I just feel the need to blog with a purpose in mind. So I am going to follow my pro blogging friends examples and start a new blog with a focus. I'm about to blog for a purpose!

My new blog is solely dedicated to my obsessions. It is called 'sessions and can be found at

I have the tendency to become obsessed with things very quickly and suddenly. You better believe I switch obsessions just as fast as I find new ones, so documenting it will be fun for me! My memory also seems to fade fast so why not create a collection and documentation of things I love? This could include a range of items such as delicious and/or healthy treats, new found forms of exercises, travel experiences, attractive soccer players, magical lip gloss, emotional music, and more. It should be a lot more fun... at least for me.

For those of you who are interested in my life, I will update this one occasionally but you can keep up with me via Facebook where I post most of my pics anyway.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I think lately I have learned a lot about strength and just how much of it I have. You always hear that the Lord will never give you things you can't handle. I know that is the truth. But really our tendency as imperfect humans is to underestimate ourselves. Why is that? I am 25 years old and just really learning just how strong I am emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is a fantastic feeling to accomplish and live through things you for whatever reason never thought you could.

For example. My second triathlon ever and first triathlon this year came and I did great. I trained, I put the work in, and it totally paid off. I remember while I was swimming last year thinking, "can I really do this? I feel like I'm going to drown!" but this year my thoughts were "This should be hard, but it isn't... I am so much stronger than I have ever been... I can finish this and finish strong!" So that's exactly what I did. I finished in 1 hr and 38 minutes beating my last years time by 7 minutes or so and placing 2nd in my age group. I have made amazing strides in my athletic abilities especially since I didn't know I even had any until last year.

I am so grateful for my Aunt Debbie for doing the tri with me. She is an inspiration and I am so lucky to have her. I pretty much volunteer her to do this with me every year, send her the training schedule and she still kicks my butt every year. Anyway she is amazing, maybe I will beat her one of these days.

We have a sweet new baby in our family. Jace was born two weeks ago, a few weeks early but healthy. Then a few days after being home he was back in the hospital for a transfusion. It was pretty scary and I felt pretty helpless being in Washington, they were in Idaho. I haven't really had a lot of experience with babies in hospitals or any kind of risk of my close family members being ill. It was really scary and hit me really hard. I kept going though. You keep moving, you pray a lot and you keep living your life. Baby Jace is now back at home and is doing so much better. He is strong, even for a little new born. The whole thing made me grateful for my family and our close relationship. I don't know what I would do without my family. They make me who I am. I get to go down to Idaho in July for the baby blessing, so I am really looking forward to meeting the new addition then. Skype just isn't enough.

I'm not sure why but the last few months I have been pretty brave. It's like Andrew's daredevil skills have transferred to me since he is on his mission and unable to use his. This year I have jumped and landed on a snowboard (definitely have fallen a lot), I have drove a four wheeler of a ramp and landed, got about an foot of air, oh yeah! I have learned how to long board which is huge because falling on the cement hurts! And I can wakeboard better than ever including a few jumps here and there. It is crazy! Things I thought I was too wimpy to even attempt are happening. It may seem like a simple thing but it is so empowering and I feel like I can do anything. I love my life right now.

So now for the spiritual connection. The more you understand just how much potential you have, you begin to see yourself as our Father in Heaven sees you. Pretty cool huh? And you begin to recognize the potential in others because from your own experience you have overcome great things and you know others have the same potential. So your job is to instill that power and strength in others. You feel the love from our Father in Heaven and naturally you want to share that with others. Life is definitely about loving and serving others but before you can really understand the importance of that, you have to understand who YOU are. Hope that makes sense. So the moral of this post is... You are always stronger than you think you are. You can always do more. You have so much more to give than you even realize. And you really can make a difference in the lives of others because you are so much better than you even know.